Otoflash® G171-6

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High-power flash-curing machine with protective gas port.
The Otoflash G171-6 polymerizes all light-curablematerials in a range of 280-580 nm and, thus, enables the production of lightcurable workpieces of different consistencies and pigmentation as well as the implementation of UV-lacquerings. Workpieces produced by means of 3D-printing methods can be postcured excellently by the Otoflash.

The Otoflash G171-6 is also deliverable with a protective gas applience (N2, Ar or CO2). This prevents any oxygen inhibition on the surfaces so thet they are cured completely non-stick without any need to remove or wipe away the inhibition layer.

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Vendor NK Optik GmbH
Accessory type Wash & Cure
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